Despite outward appearances, Rubbish Seaside is in fact one man’s love letter to the thin drizzle of disappointment that is British coast. Granted, this particular method of expressing affection hasn’t gone down entirely well with some of its intended recipients but the intent has always been benign – well, most of the time it has.

DISCLAIMER: Rubbish Seaside cannot be held responsible for the beaching of whales/closure of steel works/spread of shoreline hipsters. Those things just happened on their own, ok?

About the Author: Jack Hurley was born and raised in a number of rubbish seaside towns on the south coast so he knows what he’s talking about. He is also the creator of Questionable Time, illustrator of misheard lyrics, purveyor of Photoshop shenanigans and designs t-shirts for the nice people over at Red Molotov. Should you need a General Purpose Internet goon he is most likely available and you can buy stuff off him at


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  1. I’m from Southport, currently doing my dissertation about the decline and deprivation of seaside towns. I really enjoyed your very spot-on depiction of dismal seaside towns. thanks for doing this

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