Do you have a score to settle with the British coast? Would featuring in a very poor taste parody poster help you feel that you’ve clawed a little dignity back? Yes? Well, in that case I have great news for you as I’m always on the lookout for people looking really messed up/miserable/going through an ill-advised goth phase to help populate my little seaside grief holes. All you need to do is email photos of your good selves looking suitably rubbish to and we can take it from there. Naturally, I can’t guarantee a spot in a poster but these pointers might help on that front:


Send good quality photos – your old 300×300 Myspace prof pic probably isn’t going to cut the mustard.

The more of you there is, the better. I can work with partial photos, but full-body is the gold standard.


Send photos that aren’t of you (or to be more precise, don’t send photos of other people without their expressed permission)! I don’t want to waste hours painstakingly drawing something up only to receive an irate email telling me that I have no business dragging some poor stranger’s image through the mud and they probably don’t want the hassle of hunting you down to exact vengeance after I’ve told them who’s responsible for their woe.

Stick to them and who knows? Maybe you too could alienate an entire town!

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