rubbish seaside bournemouth the penultimate destination

A while back Reddit went a bit bonkers for these posters and I got a lot of requests for various places, Bournemouth being particularly in demand. After some cursory research and some shaking out of childhood memories, I swiftly concluded that Bournemouth is full of oldsters and thus created a poster along those lines. The problem was that even if Bournemouth is full of oldsters (and I have it on good authority that it is), apparently it is now equally full of hip young gunslingers who are hellbent on rebranding it as a ‘tech-hub’ or some such twaddle. Well young whippersnappers, if you think your limitless aspiration is going to stand in the way of me plucking at the lowest hanging satirical fruit then you’ve got another thing coming – Bournemouth is Oldsville and no amount of hoverboards and dubstep is ever going to change that. Ok, maybe the grim march of mortality and demography might but until then it’s Werther’s Originals all round. Suck it up!

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