What happens when you smash together the unholy forces of Ukip, moustache-twiddling gentrification, Tracey Emin and decades of neglect? You get a hellish chimera, clinging to the Kent coast for dear life and howling into the black, unknowable void of the North Sea. Ladies and gentlemen, we have created a monster and that monster’s name is ‘Margate’. Look upon our works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Merch available here. Signed and dated A3 prints/postcards available here.


PS: For the curious, the backdrop was based on this photo by Ed Prosser. Thanks for being sound about me using it to work off, Ed!

2 thoughts on “Margate – The Unmade Town”

  1. I live in Margate, as of recently, and although yes, it’s full of delights, this poster perfectly sums up the rest. There is a real sense of misguided pride and blind ‘love’ for the place, especially with the moustache twiddlers and other DFLs, refusing to see the really damn shitty aspects. This very shittiness living alongside the good bits is part of the charm, admittedly, but any art projects, whether photography, painting, journalism or any of the stuff sold for people to put on their walls is so disingenuously twee that it’s inspired me to rebel against it for my next photography project . Anyway, I bought this poster to go up my hallway, a much better reflection of this place than the countless seascapes, Dreamland nostalgia, crappy Insta-photos of the lido tower etc. cheers Rubbish Seaside.

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