rubbish seaside redcar dystopia on sea

Oh boy, this one…

So, having once found myself drinking Stella in the Middlesbrough Walkabout before lunchtime and smarting off the associated feelings of utter hopelessness that accompany such activities (it should be noted that I was on a stag do at the time) I’ve always known that one day, I would get my revenge on Teeside, possibly in the form of a parody travel poster. Fast forward a few years, and lo, it came to pass: I took that sinister looking steel works, whacked a dead whale in front of it and cackled heartily at my handiwork. Jobs a good ‘un, right?

Wrong! Little did I know that this particular design had come to the attention of BBC Radio Tees. What follows was perhaps the most stressful five minutes of my life and you can listen to it here. I should warn you though, it does contain dangerously high levels of local radioness.

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