Ever wanted to wear your deep-seated disdain for your hometown on your sleeve? Or maybe exact revenge for all those summers that were so cruelly stolen from you as a child by some crap coastal enclave? Then wait no longer as I have just the thing for you!



Having threatened to do so for years, I’ve finally come good on my bluff and set up a dedicated online store where you can buy Rubbish Seaside prints and postcards directly off me. Not only that, but you can now get hold of my non-seasidey stuff, most of which you can file under ‘D’ for ‘Daft’.

Anyway, it’s all at loudribs.com and I beseech you all to make your way there, touts pronto! And bring money – lots of money!




WHOOP WHOOP! POSTCARDS HAVE ARRIVED! Get yourself to the Rubbish Seaside Etsy Store to score some! WHOOP WHOOP!


PARP PARP! Good news everyone! I’ve finally got around to opening a Rubbish Seaside Etsy store and have filled it to the rafters with heavyweight A3 prints. Printed on 300gsm recycled white board, these prints look the business and will set you back a mere £18 (plus £3.50 p&p). What are you waiting for, Coast Haters? Get yourself down there and adorn your walls with the finest seaside bitterness! PARP PARP!

rubbish seaside a3 prints

Should you be in the market for Wearable Rubbish, then pop over to RedMolotov.com and they’ll be able to furnish you with these posters in t-shirt form.

Alternatively, should you want a poster, cup, sticker, postcard – a pencil skirt maybe (seriously, I’m not even joking about that) – then get yourself over to the Rubbish Seaside collection on Redbubble and all of this can be yours!




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