southport rubbish seaside where the mud meets the sea


Wedged awkwardly between the two worst pools (Liver and Black), Southport has it all: A tidal range so vast as to render the beach entirely useless, a Promenade that’s not even by the sea and an ‘Are we/Aren’t we?’ Scouse chip on its shoulder. In the words of one local ‘It’s all fur coat and no knickers’.

Witty repartee aside, I was a little bummed out doing this one as I’ve been wanting to work a Search and Rescue Sea King into one of these posters for absolutely ages but it turns out that they were all withdrawn from service last month. Bah! Anyway, as a sock in the eye to all those who say I don’t do my research I spent bloody hours pouring over the details of the new SAR contract and looking at maps like this in an effort to try establish what sort of chopper you could expect it you were slowly drowning in the mud of Southport (turns out it would most likely be a Sikorsky S-92 – as lovingly rendered in the poster). So there you go: I may never have been to Southport but boy, do I care about getting helicopters right.

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2 thoughts on “Southport – Where The Mud Meets The Sea”

  1. Hi, I’m afraid I must complain about this poster as it depicts Southport in an incorrect manner. Your website claims to be for ‘costal mediocrity’, but the sea’s so scared of Southport that it’s no longer a coastal town.

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