rubbish seaside it's still portsmouth

When making these posters I quite often have to rely on emails to locals, trawling through forum posts and little jaunts in the Google Streetview car to get a sense of what makes a particular place rubbish. In the case of Southsea though, I can – what with having been born and spending a great many summers visiting my dad there – claim a certain level of local knowledge. So what’s the deal? Well, Southsea likes to think itself a cut above it’s immediate neighbours and flaunts its well-to-do-ness about in the form of grand Georgian terraces, esplanades and a Waitrose. The problem is that try as it might, it’s still Portsmouth and you are never more than a glance-mistaken-for-a-stare away for getting your head kicked in. At least it’s not Gosport though.

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