rubbish seaside whitby goth travel poster


Ok, so cards on the table: I really like Whitby and – believe it or not – I also really like goths. I mean, you’ve got to hand it to a subculture that despite being everybody’s whipping boy at any given moment, has somehow managed not only to endure but has also done so completely unchanged for decades. Seriously, the only other subcultures that come close are bad cider bus station punks and rockabillies, both of whom aren’t quite as good at drawing in new recruits. Resilience: You’ve got to admire it. Anyway, I digress: I like both the major elements in this poster and I don’t feel remotely bad for gently mocking either of them as I have a feeling they both have the self-awareness to take it in the spirit that it was in intended. Having said that, there’s also a slightly less charitable version of this poster that I’m burying behind this link which exists sorely because a friend of mine suggested a really-good-although-not-entirely-SFW alternate strapline. You have been warned!

A3 300gsm prints and postcards available here.

Posters, mugs and all sorts available here.

E-mail at if you’re in the market for a fancy-pants A3 giclee print (£65 + £5 p&p)

Also drop me a line if you’re wanting any merch for the alternate version. If enough people are into it, I’ll do something… Probably…

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