One thought on “York: Death By Heritage”

  1. Actually it is sadly true .. , The closure of Barlane as a centre that was for local artists to work from and without another base to work from sends the local artists back another 100 years into achieve what could be possible.. , Small businesses and a few larger ones come and go so fast .. ; and now we are left with gaps and empty spaces (at least one could be made into an art centre .. if only the Ycc would permit and support such an idea) : so when small businesses can no longer afford the rent and business rates set by the landlords and Government between them … them empty spaces get sold off and turned into more offices/yuppie flats and the odd hotel here and there .. , and whilst the YCC sanitizes the centre and chase out the homeless and beggars in the process .. they’ll expand with their white elephant project ( more cafes/hotel business centres etc ( again local artists wont feature much with that either ) .. and then about half mile out they’l start on social housing ( a must have ) with their own shopping centre . York has an amazing history and still has a lot of interest for tourism ,but it is also a Poundland Walt Disney theme park .. with wooden huts crowding the centre for selling local wares + the Thor’s Bar at the end ( it is selling most to the wealthy and tourists ) .. It is also a fire hazard with all the huts bunched up together like a tin of sardines .. ,all it would take is one match to see that lot go up .. , at £9000 to rent per hut x 70 huts say .. that is a lot of revenue for the YCC ..and certainly it prices out local artist who would like the opportunity to sell, what do the tourists know about local culture when they go home? not much apart from the unwanted stag n hen party nights esp up Micklegate… but it is big money income for the landlords and YCC . and that is why it is allowed to continue. .. Death by heritage .. yes indeed and all because of capitalism and greedy business men and brexit thugs out on a FRi/Sat night.

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